A smart KYC platform for Law firms

You can facilitate and streamline your KYC procedures and protect yourselves against money laundering with the NewBanking Identity platform, which is customised to meet your needs within the law industry. By digitising and automating a wide range of processes, it will be easy for you to collect and handle clients’ data in a GDPR-compliant way, secure and responsible for both lawyer and client.

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A KYC-compliance software for law firms

Would you like to free up time and effort from cumbersome and tiring KYC compliance procedures?

NewBankings software is updated on the latest requirements and current legislation in the area of ​​money laundering and GDPR, to which you are subject in the legal profession. The platform automates time-consuming workflows and ensures money laundering compliance throughout the KYC journey, so you can quickly get started servicing your clients.

One KYC platform that covers all your needs:

Learn more about KYC compliance best practice:

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Compliance guide for law firms

Download our compliance guide “Hvidvask compliant i 2021” (only in DK - English version coming up).

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KYC Webinar

Join our webinar on KYC compliance within the law industry.

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Large and small law firms choose NewBanking Identity

A collaboration with NewBanking means that you have a partner that is highly responsive to your needs. At Bech-Bruun, the platform has become such an integral part of their work that they also use it for internal compliance processes in addition to KYC compliance.

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“We want to actively contribute to making compliance more effective while supporting a basic need for privacy. The NewBanking Identity platform addressed all of this. Clients can now share relevant data in minutes with good customer satisfaction and good feedback ”.

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Martin Riber Povlsen

CFO of Bech-Bruun

How do we differ?

From the beginning, we have chosen to handle data ownership based on the basic principle that your customers own their own data. They want to be able to grant access to their data, but they must retain ownership of it. For your customers, this means that they can reuse data partly in relation to the cases that have to be handled in-house and partly when they have to use data with another party.

Read about security

A quick and easy start with NewBanking Identity

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Are you a member of Danske Advokater?

Then remember to mention the framework agreement when you speak with us.

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“The whole process of handling sensitive customer data is a demanding task internally and can be a source of irritation for the clients. NewBanking enables our members to automate their KYC procedures to quickly and securely collect, verify and manage customer data in a compliant manner while creating value for their clients.”

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Steen Hermansen

Head of Digitisation, Danske Advokater

A tailored solution to meet your needs

Would you like a presentation of the system and learn how the NewBanking platform can support your business?

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Christine Gouchault, CCO

E-mail: [email protected]

Call: +45 53374181

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