Secure solution for KYC compliance for capital management

With NewBanking Identity, capital managers can gather and handle information or data about their investors and board of directors digitally. It is safe, easy and ensures that you’re complying with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & GDPR laws and regulations.

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Why is anti-money laundering software necessary?

As a capital manager, you will often be required to gather, verify and digitally store personal data, which later can be used as documentation for regulatory and governmental authorities. Among other things, this ensures compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws and regulations.

The right AML solution makes it possible to live up to the European Anti-Money Laundering Directive and regulations pertaining to KYC and PEP screenings – all the while, the personal data is treated in a protected manner in accordance with GDPR and local law.

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With NewBanking Identity as your AML software, you can:

  • Perform initial risk assessments.
  • Screening of PEP lists (politically exposed persons).
  • Perform Adverse media and sanction scans.
  • Automated verification of ID documents – nationally and internationally.
  • Uncover the beneficial owners of a business.
  • Monitor changes in the CVR register.
  • Gather data on your website/IT platform through system integration.
  • Encrypt all data and communications to manage and store data securely.
  • Share data securely with a third party.

A better, time-saving solution for the investors

NewBankings digital platform automates a wide range of time-consuming KYC processes, which not only streamlines your compliance work but also professionalises the onboarding of your investors. The investors, who are the owners of the sensitive KYC data, get an encrypted account on the platform from which they can share relevant information for verification.

This is especially time-saving for investors who have a role in multiple companies. The advantage for both you and the investors is that you do not have to obtain the same documents over and over again.

NewBanking Identity gives the capital fund, Scale Capital, peace of mind

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“We use NewBanking Identity for onboarding investors from around the world. The solution lends us a mechanism and process, as well as storage of information, but above all, it provides us with a peace of mind that we are protecting our investors’ data.”

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Lars Jensen

Managing Partner, Scale Capital

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A tailored solution to meet your needs

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