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Our best-in-class platform just gained a superpower. We still future-proof KYC compliance and now we add a market-leading channel of communication, improving customer reach and increasing conversion rates.

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November 22nd

9:00 - 10:30 CET

e-Boks, Hans Bekkevolds Alle 7, 2900 Hellerup

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Companies look for a Know Your Customer procedure in order to comply with different regulations and standards by the numerous financial sector regulators. Compliance to the legislation is of course essential, but it’s the approach that really matters in the scope of conversion rate and the performance of your business.

With a secure and well-known communications channel, users can quickly move on with the onboarding process removing a well-known obstacle. However, doing so may not be as simple as it may sound, so we are gathering our community to discuss ways of optimizing KYC and how to ensure smooth client onboarding.

Join us to see all the advantages, latest trends, and learn new best-practices.


JB from JLT

Jon Bartman

Head of Jameson Legal Tech

CVL from NB

Christian Visti Larsen

CEO & co-founder, NewBanking

Kim Konstantin Sølbeck from e-Boks

Kim Konstantin Sølbeck

Growth Director, e-Boks


  • Breakfast
  • Welcome
  • Benefits of streamlined KYC
  • Challenges with client onboarding
  • Ensuring better conversions with e-Boks KYC
  • Customer Story: setting expectations
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