Do you have KYC compliance under control?

Get the answer with the compliance-check

NewBanking have made a compliance-check to give you an overview of whether there are areas in your KYC compliance that needs an update.

How the compliance-check works:

  • Spend 10 min. to check your KYC status and send us the answers.
  • We go through your answers in a report giving you an overview of all the areas you need to pay attention to in your KYC procedure.
  • You receive the report with a status telling you what is under control and if you have any critical areas to optimise in order to improve the KYC procedure for you and your customers.
  • The compliance-check is non-binding and we treat your answers as confidential material of course.

Take the compliance-check here (NB! In Danish only):

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About NewBanking Identity

NewBanking Identity is a software solution for automatic, secure and efficient KYC procedures for companies under the AML law. Requirements for GDPR and AML compliance constantly grow and the complexity and risk for mistakes in KYC procedures increase. NewBanking wants to change that.

We have more than 15 years of experience within the sectors of financial legislation, banking, FinTech and Payment solutions and from participating in Financial Action Task Force (FATF), Finanstilsynets Fintech Forum and previously in EU’s Payment Systems Market Expert Groups (PSMEG). With our experience and expertise we have created a solution combining the newest tech with current legislation, to easily replace tiresome KYC procedures for you.

We can help with following things among others:

  • Risk assessments.
  • Digitalising and verification of identity information.
  • Automatic data collection from national and international sources.
  • Full transparency in management of client data.
  • Integration with leading data sources to comply with the AML legislation (CVR register, PEP screenings, Adverse media and sanction scans).
  • Encryption of data with GDPR compliant sharing, storing and deletion.

Who choose NewBanking Identity?

See more about how different industries are using NewBanking Identity to make everyday compliance work easier. NewBanking have both big and small customers in the finance and law industries.

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