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All inclusive

From 120€ / month

Start-up fee: from 500€

Best for small businesses and companies that have not centralized their KYC administration.


1,2€ / ID / month - in packages of 100 identities at a time.

Unlimited number of users and scans, as well as access to all functionalities.

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Pay Per Use

From 500€ / month

Start-up fee: from 1000€


The price is calculated on the basis of how many admin users you have, how many identities (customers) you have on the platform, and how many checks you make per year: e.g. ID verifications, PEP, sanction, adverse media scans.

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From 4750€ / month

Start-up fee: from 3000€

Best for large companies in need of additional system integrations or functionalities.


Get a quote on a tailor-made solution that matches a complex organisation.

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We are always happy to answer questions - no matter where you are in your decision-making process in relation to whether you should have a KYC system or what kind of system best meets your needs.

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